These people are hard at work to provide you with another excellent conference experience:

Conference Chair -  Barbara Stalbird

Conference Website - Andrea Leavitt Andersen

Research Symposium - Rebecca Johns, Bryan Nichols, Sarah Davis, Martha Monroe, Tom Marcinowski

Registration - Maran Hilgendorf

Conference Program - Vicki Crisp and Eileen Tramontana

Publicity - Dolly Cummings

Photographer - Dustin Angell

Exhibitors/Vendors - Andrea Leavitt Andersen

Sponsorships - Randy and Ondine Wells

Live Auction, Auctioneer- Dustin Angell 

Hospitality - Kendra Abraham

Field Trips - Lilian Norris

Signage -  Andrea Leavitt Andersen

LEEF Traditions - Vicki Crisp

Volunteer Coordinator - Andrea Leavitt Andersen