Field Trips

Friday Morning Field Trips

March 27, 2020

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Fire and Land Management

8 am - 4:30 pm

Leader: Biago “Ben” Gugliotti, Lake County Water Authority Land Resource Director


Learn from expert land managers about the importance of fire to the land. Participants will take part in an actual burn (dependent on weather conditions) on property managed by the Lake County Water Authority. Learn about the Fire in Southern Ecosystems curriculum and Beyond the Trees Program.

$20. Group will meet at the pavilion.


Birds and Butterflies

9 am - noon

Leaders: Bob Wexler, TLNC Bird Expert and Board Member and Taylor Jones, Lepidopterist

Travel by caravan to renown birding spot—Emeralda Marsh—to see the birds with lifelong birding experts Bob and Mary Wexler. The Wexlers have helped develop and provide Birding4Kids programs to local children. Learn how you can teach about birds to your students. Take a great field trip and then return to the conference site to learn about butterflies and moths from Taylor Jones. Taylor has a professional career as a political cartoonist but a lifelong love for butterflies and moths which he has studied since childhood.

$20. Carpool will meet at the pavilion.

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Leader: Biago "Ben" Gugliotti

Leader: Bob Wexler

Leader: Taylor Johnes

Friday Afternoon Field Trips

March 27, 2020


Dipping for Bugs

1 - 4 pm

Leader: Rob Mattson, Biologist St. Johns River Water Management District

What are those small bugs that live in the water? They’re aquatic macroinvertebrates. Join Rob to learn how to dip net for these wondrous water bugs. You will be entrance by their life cycles, their predator/prey relationships and what they tell you about water quality. This is a program where you should plan to get wet and probably dirty.

$20. Group will meet at pavilion

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Fishing for Success

1 - 4 pm

Leader: Dr. Cichra, UF School of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fishing for Success is a program that uses fishing and other related activities as the “hook” to introduce children to various aspects of aquatic sciences. Join Dr. C for seining and collecting fish for dissection and study. Learn about “Old World” and “New World” fish. See how otoliths are used to age fish and more. Plan to get fishy.

$20. Group will meet at pavilion.

Leader: Rob Mattson

Sunday Morning Field Trips

March 29, 2020

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Early Childhood Workshops

9 am - Noon

Seize this unique opportunity to learn from early childhood experts how to teach about the environment with young children. Developed specifically for teachers working with young children (ages 3 to 6) and in coordination with early childhood experts, the Project WILD, Project WET and Project Learning Tree programs contain hands-on activities for young learners. This three-for-one workshops provides a wealth of resources and activities for educators.

$20. Group will meet at pavilion.