Sunday, March 18, 2018


8 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Schoolyard Wildlife Workshop with a Citizen Science Twist

Dolly Cummings, Director

Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center

Schoolyard Wild is a FWC curriculum that, unlike Project WILD, is focused on Florida- specific flora and fauna, with citizen science connections for most activities. In addition to the curriculum guide, a handbook of common plants and animals will be distributed, plus door prizes and freebies.


PLT Carbon & Climate E-unit Workshop for Grades 6-8 *

Nancy Peterson, Assoc. Director Education/Training; FL PLT State Coordinator

UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation

The topic of climate change challenges teachers to accurately convey data, reveal assumptions, and engage critical-thinking skills. The Carbon & Climate e-unit provides activities and resources to help educators meet these challenges, introducing students to some of the complex issues involved in climate change. Participants receive e-unit curriculum. **$30 Fee**


Flying WILD Workshop: From Land to SEEA! (3 hours)

Anita Forester, Florida Project WILD Coordinator

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Targeted for the middle-school audience, though widely adaptable, Flying WILD offers practical hands-on classroom and outdoor field investigation experiences connecting real-world experiences in bird biology, conservation and natural history. Workshop participants receive the Flying WILD Curriculum Guide: An Educator's Guide to Celebrating Birds.


Teaching and Communicating about Climate Change: Strategies for Enhancing Success

Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez, State Specialist, Sustainable Systems

Kentucky State University

This interactive workshop will bring together individuals interested in teaching about climate change, with a goal of sharing information and obstacles to climate change environmental education (CCEE). This model challenges tradition by presenting the audience with CCEE topics and allowing them to teach each other best practices for successful CCEE.


Curiosity + Reasoning = Great Science! : The BEETLES Project

Aurora Hadsock, Training Manager

Pathfinder Outdoor Education

"Good education is not what fills your head with facts but what stimulates curiosity.” Create “minds-on” learning opportunities, in the field or classroom, supported by the latest educational research by The BEETLES Project, UC Berkley.  The session includes field-tested and refined student activities and instructor resources you can use right away.


STEM Projects for Environmental Educators

Barnabas Coker

Lincoln Heights Academy, NC

STEM- An all in all session. If you are involved in any of the four STEM areas, this is for you. This presentation covers how environmental educators can use a simple project to showcase how STEM is involved in the environment. A design of a moveable raised garden bed will thrill you to build your own when you return to your college, school or home. This sustainability project is designed for all ages.